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RadHR is a space for social change organisations to share the nuts and bolts—the policies, processes, practices and stories—of how to organise ourselves based on our values and challenge oppression within our groups.

Most activist groups, not-for-profit organisations, community groups, workers’ cooperatives and social enterprises are committed to fighting against oppression and inequality in the wider world. But when it comes to how we organise internally, we often end up replicating all sorts of crap—classist, racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic and transphobic norms, as well as the individualistic, competition-based values of the wider systems we oppose.

But things are shifting! In the wake of BLM and #MeToo, social justice organisations have started acknowledging that the ends don’t always justify the means – and that we can’t keep organising in oppressive, top-down ways and expect a better world to emerge. RadHR helps groups to challenge these damaging practices and become more supportive, caring and anti-oppressive organisations.


A couple of example policies uploaded by the RadHR community…


Unlimited PTO (Paid Time Off) Policy

An unlimited PTO policy that seeks to pre-emptively address the more common issues with such policies, including some evidence that staff are less likely to take time off in an unlimited PTO scheme.


Carer’s, compassionate bereavement and parental leave

Activist GroupCo-opSelf-managed / Flat

A policy that aims to address the lack of support for staff who have caring responsibilities, and the lack of recognition of the different dimensions of what that support might look like. The policy lays out guidelines that aim to help relieve some of this stress and enable both employer…


As well as policies, there are a growing set of guides…


How to create non-punitive grievance procedures which deepen our understanding of each other

People Support Coop & RadHR

What does it mean to raise a grievance? This guide covers ways to create grievance procedures that hear different perspectives while avoiding shame and blame, so that we can strengthen rather than corrode the bonds between us.

Read the Grievance guide

How to create a collaborative system for keeping track of how work is going

People Support Coop & RadHR

How can we create systems of accountability without hierarchy? This guide considers options for processes that assess how we are each managing in our roles and take into account wider factors when considering why work may not be being done.

Read the Supervision guide

Radical safeguarding: a social justice workbook for safeguarding practitioners 

Maslaha & Transforming Together

A guide designed for practitioners working with children and young people, particularly in school contexts, who might be wondering how to start doing things differently when it comes to safeguarding.

Read the Safeguarding guide


Read stories from the community and updates from the RadHR team…