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RadHR is a space for social change organisations to share the nuts and bolts—the policies, processes, practices and stories—of how to organise ourselves based on our values and challenge oppression within our groups.

Most activist groups, not-for-profit organisations, community groups, workers’ cooperatives and social enterprises are committed to fighting against oppression and inequality in the wider world. But when it comes to how we organise internally, we often end up replicating all sorts of crap—classist, racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic and transphobic norms, as well as the individualistic, competition-based values of the wider systems we oppose.

But things are shifting! In the wake of BLM and #MeToo, social justice organisations have started acknowledging that the ends don’t always justify the means – and that we can’t keep organising in oppressive, top-down ways and expect a better world to emerge. RadHR helps groups to challenge these damaging practices and become more supportive, caring and anti-oppressive organisations.


A couple of example policies uploaded by the RadHR community…


Team-wide mentoring

CharitySelf-managed / Flat

A policy that establishes monthly sessions for team members with external mentors. The sessions aim to provide support, facilitate realistic workplanning, and offer an external perspective on team dynamics. Annual appraisals and anti-oppression meetings are also conducted by mentors. Confidentiality is maintained with three clear exceptions.


Staff absence planning

Activist GroupCo-opUnionHierarchyMembership

A policy for a mid-sized organisation to identify individual and collective responsibilities for staff taking time off, in a way that both enables staff to take time away, and for it to avoid negatively impacting on staff who are still working. Includes link to a template for work handover planning.

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As well as policies, there are a growing set of guides…


How to create non-punitive grievance procedures which deepen our understanding of each other

People Support Coop & RadHR

What does it mean to raise a grievance? This guide covers ways to create grievance procedures that hear different perspectives while avoiding shame and blame, so that we can strengthen rather than corrode the bonds between us.


How to create a policy which supports capability rather than judging performance

People Support Coop & RadHR

How do we avoid replicating corporate doctrines of efficiency and productivity at all costs? This guide explores practical alternatives to individualised performance management processes.


Living systems for thriving groups: supporting you to organise collaboratively


Navigate is a team of experienced facilitators and trainers. This resource is an online course they've developed to help groups thrive by creating and maintaining living social systems that work for them and fit their values.

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Read stories from the community and updates from the RadHR team…

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