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RadHR is a space for social change organisations to share the nuts and bolts—the policies, processes, practices and stories—of how to organise ourselves based on our values and challenge oppression within our groups.

Most activist groups, not-for-profit organisations, community groups, workers’ cooperatives and social enterprises are committed to fighting against oppression and inequality in the wider world. But when it comes to how we organise internally, we often end up replicating all sorts of crap—classist, racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic and transphobic norms, as well as the individualistic, competition-based values of the wider systems we oppose.

But things are shifting! In the wake of BLM and #MeToo, social justice organisations have started acknowledging that the ends don’t always justify the means – and that we can’t keep organising in oppressive, top-down ways and expect a better world to emerge. RadHR helps groups to challenge these damaging practices and become more supportive, caring and anti-oppressive organisations.


A couple of example policies uploaded by the RadHR community…

Culture of care & accountability

We have high expectations of how we behave towards one another, and we hold each other accountable to those expectations. This policy has two sides: the culture of care that we are proactively building, and the culture of accountability that is reactively implemented. Includes: definitions of accountability and care, 3-step process for addressing harm and intro to transformative justice principles.

Keeping young people safe from abuse

This is a youth work cooperative safeguarding policy, accessible for a range of members, which avoids resorting to calling state authorities, unless the group's safeguarding contacts are not available. Designed by an organisation with a mix of paid and voluntary youth workers, some of whom are adults and some are young people, too. Safety is supported via collective dialogue between youth workers.


As well as policies, we have a growing set of guides and briefings…


We recently launched a community forum. We’ll also be looking to host events and introduce new ways of collaborating within the RadHR community…

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