Policies are only the beginning!

To change how we organise, we need each other: our ideas, our experiences, our learnings. This is where we get to share the stories that underpin the policies, processes and structures that fill the RadHR library…

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International Artists At Southbank Centre's Unlimited Festival 2022. Photo Rachel Cherry

Sharing the Journey

A (republished) blog by Jo Verrent of Unlimited, a disability arts organisation, about their collective policy-making process and goals.

Welcoming workplaces for working-class people

A blog by Tanya Hawkes. The classism across society and its structural violence towards those at the lower end of the class system is often out of our control. However, our organisations have the potential to be a space where some of the inequalities of the class system can be mitigated and the contribution of working-class knowledge and experience can be valued and appreciated.
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Experience-based policy writing

At People Support Co-op we’ve been working with several organisations to introduce a radical approach to policy writing, as developed by our associate member Kiri Langmead. We call this the experience-based policy writing process because it involves identifying positive and negative past experiences of group members to explore how to create a policy that works for everyone and avoids replicating patterns of harm.
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The story of RadHR so far…

It started with Liam and Rich, somewhere in mid-Wales, going on about how so many different types of progressive organisations they were involved with were trying to do the same thing—figure out how their internal systems could reflect the values they were trying to create in the wider world. And how it felt like a hopeless task, with everyone doing it separately, without the time or resources to really shift all the areas of their work within each of these organisations.