Events & Workshops

RadHR face-to-face!

Below are details of our events, where you can chat to other members of the RadHR community more directly, and workshops you can request from us to help facilitate your rad policy and process creating work!


These are mainly held on Zoom and are all FREE.

Lunch Meets

social square meet only

Wish you could share the struggles (and the joys) of creating ‘radical HR’ with people who ‘get it’? You can!  Come to a RadHR Lunch Meet – a lowkey way to meet other folks who are struggling with the same kinds of internal policy and process things that you probably are in your collective, community organisation, or coop.

We provide the Zoom link (and breakout groups, as needed), everyone builds the agenda together, based on the issues that feel most relevant. We don’t have to figure these things out by ourselves! 

First Wednesday of every other month from 1pm to 2pm! 

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These are events that highlight groups that we think have done some really powerful work around a particular policy, process or way of working. They’ll involve presentations by those groups and then a chance to discuss together how these approaches could be adapted for your organisations.  

First event: Tuesday 5 September, 6pm

Partner events

Still in the works…


We offer an introduction to some key aspects of ‘radical HR.’  We can also facilitate your group creating policies and processes that work for you, helping to ensure that everyone is able to contribute and everyone’s voices are heard.

We ask for a contribution to the costs of running these—from groups that can afford it—on a sliding scale.

Radical HR Intro

An introduction to what is wrong with standard HR and how ‘radical HR’ can help progressive organisations to practice their values in how they organise internally.

When might this workshop make sense?  

  • If you are running an event for a range of other groups or organisations and want to introduce the idea of doing HR differently: OR 
  • If you’re part of a team that is starting out on trying to create your own policies and processes and want to get people thinking creatively together.

Prioritising Policies

Realising the range of policies and processes that you don’t have yet can be overwhelming. We can offer facilitated processes to help your team work out what radical policies and processes you need to create sooner rather than later and which are less urgent – and to map out a timelines for your rad policy creation work.

When might this workshop make sense? 

  • If your group organisation is feeling like it doesn’t know where to start with this work and that it’s all too much!

Adapting Policies for Your Org

Even if you find the perfect policy or process in the RadHR Library, it’ll still take some work to adapt it to your organisation’s unique context. This workshop will take your team through a process for doing that.

When might this workshop make sense? 

  • If you’ve found a policy in the RadHR Library (or elsewhere!) that seems like a good starting point, but you want to make sure everyone in your team gets a chance to shape it.