Policy Type Policy

Equality and diversity

A plain-English youth work cooperative equality and diversity policy, which makes explicit the range of types of oppression that can play out amongst young people and the cooperative, as well as the ways in which those experiences are often reflections of wider social power dynamics. Outlines the responsibilities of both the organisation and of individual youth workers.

Member volunteer induction process

A simple 1-page process guide to support a newer member to get involved in a particular working group within the organisation. It aims to provide clarity for members looking to get involved in a new part of the cooperative.

Conflict system

Clear non-punitive steps for a small cooperative to take when a conflict has been raised between members. Includes steps that range from informal conversations to deciding to close the cooperative.

Staff absence planning

A policy for a mid-sized organisation to identify individual and collective responsibilities for staff taking time off, in a way that both enables staff to take time away, and for it to avoid negatively impacting on staff who are still working. Includes link to a template for work handover planning.

Parental leave

This policy sets out employees' entitlement to leave to care for children during the period until the child reaches 18 years old.

Disciplinary procedure

This is a non-punitive version of a disciplinary procedure, designed to encourage dialogue through structured opportunities to discuss and learn from mistakes. It has been written to follow the guidelines set out in the Acas Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures, without the punishment-based approach of issuing warnings.