Peer-to-peer feedback & reflection process

This process provides a space for reflection and feedback: how is everyone doing, and how are we doing as a collective? It includes written self reflection and written feedback from others and an hour-long feedback meeting.


  1. Preparations
  2. Feedback forms
  3. Organise feedback meetings
  4. Feedback meeting


Original Google Doc version.

A four-stage process:


The person to be evaluated decides via this schedule:

  1. Which 2 people of the collective they would like to ask written feedback from (can be anyone)
  2. Which 2-3 people (min. 1 care team member; min. 1 person who has also given written feedback) they would like to have a meeting with to discuss the written feedback and have a chat.

When choosing people, try to take into account who knows your work (a little bit) and/or share your last spotlight presentation or something else that shows a bit of your work, and that the load of filling out forms and being present at meetings is shared somehow equally throughout the collective (with the exception of the care team).

Feedback forms

  • The person to be evaluated fills in the self-evaluation form, and shares it with the people present at the feedback meeting.
  • The 2 people asked to give written feedback, fill out the feedback form and share it with the person being evaluated

Tips for giving feedback: in this document you can find a summary of tips and tricks from different sources, and the links to those sources in case you’d like to learn more.

Organise feedback meetings

  • Person to be evaluated schedules meeting with 2-3 people “present at meetings”
  • People present at meetings read through feedback forms filled out by other people for the person being evaluated

Feedback meeting

1 hour

  • Present: person evaluated, one person from care team, one non-care team colleague (optional: another colleague)
  • The meeting follows this feedback meeting format
  • The meeting ends with a concrete list of personal and collective improvement points

Collective improvement points are later gathered by the care team and discussed in a collective call after all the meetings have happened

Tips for receiving feedback: also in this document.

Thanks to Fian Belgium, Friends of the Earth Europe and Drift for transition for inspiration.


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