Adapting policies

Getting other group's internal policies working for your own

RadHR Core Team

So you found a policy in the RadHR Library that does most of what you think your group needs—what next?

This workshop plan aims to support small-to-medium-sized groups to adapt another organisation’s internal policy to their own context, thinking through things like: potential value clashes, different organisational structures, practicalities of implementation and more. If you think you’ve got most of what you need from someone else’s policy, this workshop should help you get it into usable shape with your team.


An existing group of up to 15 people, who are keen to develop a specific policy or process, based on another organisation’s existing policy or process


Time needed: 4-6hrs

Plus breaks, depending on the numbers of participants, advance work done and how close or not the original policy context is for the new group.


These template documents should help you organise your group’s work, before, during and after the workshop.


You’ll need:

  • A Facilitator who is slightly familiar with the original policy being adapted;
  • For all participants to have read the original policy and filled in the policy feedback form [Group Policy Adaptation Discussion Template] in advance:
    • For Table 1. to have been agreed by consensus by all participants before the workshop;
    • For any underpinning values questions raised in Table 1 to have been discussed in advance – or at the start of the workshop – with all participants;
  • A projector or shared slides or pre-prepared flipchart of the discussion template.

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