Prioritising policies bull’s eye

Quickly deciding which policies you need NOW!

RadHR Core Team

Have you just got a new grant and realised you need to show your funder a pile of policies you don’t have? Have you pulled on the thread of a suddenly-urgent parental leave or conflict policy, and realised there are a half-dozen more that are also pressing?

This tool is for small groups who have a lot of common understanding and trust and want to make a rough plan, quickly, about which policies need to be done NOW. It won’t replace more detailed and longer-term thinking, but it should help you get to consensus on what your team needs to work on most immediately, while holding the importance of equity in the group’s decision making process.


An existing group of up to 8 people, with limited time, but a lot of shared understandings, who would like to decide which of their internal policies and processes need to happen, and in what order.


Time needed: Under an hour, though would likely need to be repeated every six months, to re-establish current priorities. (You can also check the more comprehensive ‘Prioritisation’ workshop plan, for a bigger team, or if you’d like to develop a deeper consensus on which policies to prioritise in your group, over a longer time frame). 


Prep requirements

  • Facilitator familiar with the tool
  • Projector or shared slides or pre-prepared flipchart of the discussion template
  • Team names assigned to each/any of the blank name slots in the Canva template


Have you used the workshop? What worked? What didn’t? Were the instructions clear enough? Let us know so we can keep improving it for others’ to use. The more specific your feedback, the easier it will be for us to make adjustments or improve on the guidance.

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