Policy support

A list of organisational consultants and facilitators that might be able to help you develop radical policies.

RadHR has grown from the belief that the answers we need to create new ways of organising can be best found amongst the extended communities of people who are doing the work—even if those answers will always be works-in-progress. 

That said, we know that having support for a particular policy process can sometimes help us involve more members of our group and ask the kinds of questions that will make for better policies. Below are contact details for some members of the RadHR community who might be available as consultants or facilitators to support your group or organisation in its radical policy development work:

People Support Coop

Focus of work: Supporting other coops to create values-driven internal policies through advice and facilitation of collective policy-creation processes


Resist + Renew

Focus of work: Training and facilitation for social movement groups and organisations


Alex Johnston/Transforming Together

Focus of work: Alex is a transformative justice practitioner and specialise in applying abolitionist principles to structures and cultures of organisation


more like people

Focus of work: Liam is a co-founder of RadHR and works with smaller community and activist organisations on internal policies and processes that align with their values.