Power, Care & Voice

RadHR’s Action Research

Power, Care and Voice is a stream of RadHR work which is trying to figure out:

  • How RadHR can be most useful to different kinds of groups and organisations that are, for a variety of reasons, less likely to feel supported by what we currently do (the policy library, the community forum, and our events).
  • How to bring to the fore – and support peer learning around – ways of centring care and shifting power which are less visible, harder to share in a document and happening in groups which might not seem ‘radical’ from the outside.

We’re currently running two action research projects to help us do this:

We’re carrying out this project with our partners at People Support Co-op. The central themes of the research are “being heard” in worker co-ops and how power is understood and shared within them.

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This project is about supporting and learning from informal, feminised practices of collective care in ‘frontline’ groups.

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As part of these projects, we are trying to adapt our ways of working (for instance in terms of how we make decisions and share resources) to what might suit the groups we’re working with. We’re hoping the learning from these projects will feed back into and help shape RadHR’s work in the future, both externally and internally.