Policy Type Policy

Direct action leave

In recognition of the gravity of the climate emergency, the PTC will donate up to 6 days leave per year (pro rated depending on your working hours) to every employee to spend on direct action – e.g. attending or preparing for demonstrations or other related voluntary activity.

Exit checklist

A handy adaptable exit process including items around support & organisational learning as well as practical, legal and technical concerns.

Protest leave

A policy that allows employees to take "protest leave" to participate in demonstrations or civil action related to major political issues, without it counting against their holiday or sick leave, as long as it doesn't interfere with time-critical projects and is approved by their manager.

Employee health and wellbeing policy

A values based policy aimed at supporting staff health and wellbeing based on years of adapting and learning to shape our practice which we have now formalised into a policy.

Core team policy

This policy aims to clarify who is involved in day-to-day decision making and the structures that support the team to be involved, as well as for others to get more involved.

Peer reflection & supervision

A support and accountability system for a small non-hierarchical organisation, designed to avoid the pitfalls of annual reviews and strengthen a disability justice approach.

Staff travel

This policy has guidance on: travelling to a work meeting/workshop, travelling to an external training (for staff development) and commuting.

Internal hiring/promotion

A policy that provides two ways into a role for employees, acknowledging that not all hierarchical work relationships are equitable. It also involves staff members in the process and allows current workers to have a first go at a role.