Policy Type Policy

Peer-to-peer feedback & reflection process

This process provides a space for reflection and feedback: how is everyone doing, and how are we doing as a collective? It includes written self reflection and written feedback from others and an hour-long feedback meeting.

Equitable recruitment policy

This policy lines out how we want to build equity into our recruitment processes as we realise that making recruitment a more equitable working method will allow more people from racialised backgrounds and people with disabilities to work in our organisation.

Peer review policy & procedure

The purpose of this peer review policy and procedure is to support all employees of the Project to achieve and maintain their maximum (reasonable) contribution to their role at the Project. It is an opportunity for all employee members to have some time to reflect on their role, to think about how their day-to-day work is going and what the issues are, in a held space. It’s a chance to have someone else engaging with their job, listening to them and supporting them with anything they need help with, and supporting them to grow and develop within the role.

Rules for how we work together

A membership, decision making, group structure, core values and code of conduct policy for a user-led member-ship organisation with roughly 100 members, from a wide range of backgrounds.

Privacy and cookie policy

A comprehensive digital rights-based website privacy policy with detailed information about what and how site users details will be used, including by partners. Includes: user rights, text on organisational refusal to share personal data with authorities and how to have your data deleted.

Family leave

A gender-neutral and trans-inclusive policy for new parents—of all kinds—taking time off work.

Carer’s leave

A policy for the situations in which a member of staff can take leave to support the care of another, with broad and detailed definitions of what constitutes care and who the policy can apply to. Also includes legal framework.

Accountability agreement

The accountability agreement is a code of behaviour that all club members agree to adhere to and embrace on joining the club... we outline suggested consequences for members who have caused harm, based on current working practices. You can use these as guidance in how to engage with a person who has caused harm, depending on what has happened. You should work to these regardless of whether this person is a member, a working volunteer, or guest.

Culture of care & accountability

We have high expectations of how we behave towards one another, and we hold each other accountable to those expectations. This policy has two sides: the culture of care that we are proactively building, and the culture of accountability that is reactively implemented. Includes: definitions of accountability and care, 3-step process for addressing harm and intro to transformative justice principles.