Staff review procedure

A staff review process aiming to: 1) review progress and priorities, 2) explore and resolve any problems in these areas, 3) discuss the employee's potential and future training needs, 4) set targets for future work and training if relevant. Staff take it in turns to review each other.

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  1. 1. Aims of CAAT's Staff Review Process
  2. 2. How does CAAT's staff to staff review process work?
  3. 3. How do Steering Committee review staff?


1. Aims of CAAT’s Staff Review Process

The purpose of CAAT’s staff review process is to:

  • review progress and priorities
  • explore and resolve any problems in these areas
  • discuss the employee’s potential and future training needs
  • set targets for future work and training if relevant

For the employee it is an opportunity to explore such questions as:

  • What is expected?
  • How am I doing?
  • Where am I going?
  • What can I do to improve?

Benefits to the person being reviewed include the chance to:

  • discuss how you are getting on with the work in detail
  • explore ways of working more effectively
  • discuss your future within the organisation
  • discuss how you see your career developing

2. How does CAAT’s staff to staff review process work?

CAAT is a non-heirarchical organisation, so staff take it in turns to review each other. These meetings are called Peer Reviews and take place every four months, usually at the end of January, May and September. Peer Reviews are for all part-time and full-time staff. During these meetings the member of staff being reviewed meets with two other members of staff (the reviewers). The reviewee will have already filled out a comprehensive form which details the work they’ve done since the last review period, planned work for the next period, what’s gone well, or not, and general questions on workload, training and how they’re feeling. This form is gone through at each staff Peer Review meeting with important issues/actions agreed to be taken forward.

A week before any Peer Review meeting the reviewers collect constructive feedback regarding the reviewee from other staff and volunteers. This feedback is not anonymous and is read during the Peer Review meeting.

Any issues that have been agreed to be taken forward are brought to the full staff Peer Review Review meeting, which takes place soon after all the individual Peer Reviews have been carried out.

Notes from the Peer Review Review are written up by alternate members of staff and proposed actions are agreed.

To ensure there are no misunderstandings and to provide a point of reference, all action points agreed at Peer Review and Peer Review Review meetings should be recorded in writing.

3. How do Steering Committee review staff?

Since the Steering Committee (SC) are the employers of CAAT staff it is essential they are kept aware of how staff are getting on with their work and any issues that might be occurring. To ensure this happens a Staff Support Group of four non-staff SC is selected every two years. This group is selected at the same meeting that the Emergency group and Disciplinary and Grievance Panel are selected.

The Staff Support Group is emailed each member of staff’s Peer Review notes (8 in total) by the Office Co-ordinator (directly after the Jan, May & Sept Peer Review Review meetings), so the group is able to respond quickly if they feel there is an issue that needs dealing with.

Upon receiving the Peer Review notes it is the responsibility of the Staff Support Group to contact a member of staff if they feel there is an issue that needs discussing, they would like clarity on, or requires action to be taken. However, the Staff Support Group also needs to make itself available throughout the year should a member of staff wish to contact them regarding a particular issue, regardless of whether this issue has already been mentioned at a Peer Review meeting or not.

In February (soon after the first set of staff Peer Review meetings of the year) the Staff Support Group will pair up into two groups of two and visit the CAAT office in their pairs to meet members of staff individually. This is coordinated by the Office Co-ordinator. These meetings will focus on:
− discussing work carried out over the last 12 months
− plans for the next 12 months
− general workload
− how the member of staff is getting on

In preparation for this meeting the Staff Support Group should familiarise themselves with all the Peer Review notes they have been sent over the previous 12 months specifically regarding the staff they are due to meet, as well as any notes from additional discussions or meetings that have taken place.

These annual meetings in February can last anywhere between 15mins and 1hour with each member of staff depending on how much the member of staff has to report and the amount the Staff Support pair want to ask. To ensure there are no misunderstandings and to provide a point of reference, notes from each Staff Support meeting should be written up by one of the Staff Support Group and forwarded to the member of staff for agreement.




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