Flat structure learning & development approach

Our approach to learning and development for team members, as a flat structured organisation.


  1. Overview
  2. Considerations



Each [team member] has an annual budget of £500 for learning and development, which they can use however they want. The [Organisational Culture lead] can support prioritising learning and development needs and identifying appropriate opportunities such as training, workshops or providers.

In addition to paid-for training, [team members] are encouraged to use work time to pursue appropriate learning and development opportunities that are free, such as reading, watching videos or meeting with stakeholders that we can learn from.


When considering our learning and development needs, [team members] should think about:

  • Feedback received from colleagues
  • Their future ambitions in their current role or in other potential roles (this can be discussed with the Organisational Culture lead)
  • Any barriers due to lack of understanding or skill gaps that are making it challenging to fully achieve our goals, looking at the action plan and their job description
  • What excites and energises them.


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