Maintenance meeting agenda

A template agenda for a regular group meeting which aims to offer: a deeper check-in on the experience of being in the group / space to raise issues and “have awkward chats”/ space to reflect together on our work, and our direction. This template is structured to help manage tensions and differences and to surface areas for improvement, but not to address significant conflict.

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Date: XXXXX 


Facilitators: XXXXX


  • A deeper check-in on the experience of being in the group
  • To give space to raise issues and “have awkward chats”
  • To reflect together on our work, and our direction

Anti-aims = to solve any and all tensions that could arise.

Outputs: …none!

Framing notes

  • Proposed structure:
    • Space for check-ins (Fulfilment / Closeness / Enjoyment / Capacity)
    • Space for sharing difficulties, worries e.g. interpersonal dynamics, things that happened in a workshop
    • Space for clarifications
    • Space for solutions e.g. 1-1 chat, item on next meeting agenda, facilitated 1-1
  • Potential tools:
    • Talking stick
    • Rose / bud / thorn
    • Stop / start / continue
    • Speaking in to silence 
    • Paired listening 
    • Anonymous sharing
  • Possible structure:
    • What happens when something is named?
      • Things can be taken to another meeting – could be externally facilitated or not
      • Feedback at the next meeting? 
      • Space in the meeting for what’s needed? 

Workshop programme

Skeleton plan

  • 15: faff, check-ins
  • 5: framing
  • 20: Honey check
  • 35: Swarm check
  • 15: close


  • Honey check
    • Is it sweet? Grid of spectrum lines:
      • How much are you enjoying R+R right now?
      • How close are you feeling to others in R+R right now?
      • How fulfilled are you feeling by R+R work right now?
    • Do we have enough for winter? Capacity check:
      • How much capacity do you have available for R+R work?
      • How much of that capacity is already full of R+R work?
  • Check on the hive
    • A grid o’ four: power, purpose, practice, people
    • No expectation you’d fill out all the boxes with things – this is more to give you prompts of things you may want to raise with the group!
    • 5 mins reflection
    • 10 mins in pairs. After 5 mins, flag the Qs in the slide notes
      • Things you may want to share:
        • Roses, buds, thorns
        • Questions, worries, difficulties
      • Spaces you may want to share them: here, in your 121s, at a meeting, through a proxy
    • 20 mins to chat all together: to ask clarifications, to think on next steps

Questions that we could reflect on:

  • Did you want to take on more R+R work in the last few months, or was the level of work you did OK?
  • What work would you like to take on in the next few months, that you didn’t take on the last few months? What work would you like to do less of in the next few months, that you’ve had your fill of?
  • What are your growth edges? Did you grow into them in the last few months? What support would you need to help to you on your path?

Check in on:

  • Connections
  • How we want to grow 

Also available from: https://resistrenew.com/2022/01/08/toolbox-maintenance-meetings/