Performance Guide

LAST UPDATE: 28.07.23

How to create a policy which supports capability rather than judging performance

By People Support Coop & RadHR


How do we avoid replicating corporate doctrines of efficiency and productivity at all costs? This guide explores practical alternatives to individualised performance management processes.

Practical suggestions to design collaborative systems of accountability that enable everyone to flourish in their roles. 

Section 1:

Understanding ‘performance’

An overview of performance and some of the difficulties inherent in the idea of ‘performance management’.  

Section 2:

What does the law say?

The laws you need to be aware of to create a legally-fair performance policy, from the Equality Act to Health & Safety legislation. 

Section 3:

Capability and flourishing

How the language we use can determine the ethos of our policies.

  • Policy design: How to address challenges in a supportive and compassionate way, while identifying systemic factors that may prevent people from flourishing in their work.

Section 4:

Support when people are struggling at work

What happens when someone is not doing well in their role?

  • Informal action: How to handle issues informally.
  • Improvement notes: How to create non-punitive alternatives to standard performance sanctions.

Section 5:

Formal action

What to do if a challenging situation continues.

  • Formal procedure: Guidance on designing a legally-fair process.