Policy Type Policy

Carer’s leave

A policy for the situations in which a member of staff can take leave to support the care of another, with broad and detailed definitions of what constitutes care and who the policy can apply to. Also includes legal framework.

Accountability agreement

The accountability agreement is a code of behaviour that all club members agree to adhere to and embrace on joining the club... we outline suggested consequences for members who have caused harm, based on current working practices. You can use these as guidance in how to engage with a person who has caused harm, depending on what has happened. You should work to these regardless of whether this person is a member, a working volunteer, or guest.

Culture of care & accountability

We have high expectations of how we behave towards one another, and we hold each other accountable to those expectations. This policy has two sides: the culture of care that we are proactively building, and the culture of accountability that is reactively implemented. Includes: definitions of accountability and care, 3-step process for addressing harm and intro to transformative justice principles.

Keeping young people safe from abuse

This is a youth work cooperative safeguarding policy, accessible for a range of members, which avoids resorting to calling state authorities, unless the group's safeguarding contacts are not available. Designed by an organisation with a mix of paid and voluntary youth workers, some of whom are adults and some are young people, too. Safety is supported via collective dialogue between youth workers.

Team dynamics & tension shifting meeting

A meeting template and policy description for a small workers' cooperative to improve communication, surface and address tensions or conflicts that exist amongst the group. It's about making space for the kinds of conversations around group needs and dynamics that are easily side-lined.

Safer spaces

An outline of how we request staff, clients and visitors to behave in our space. The purpose is to support everyone to feel comfortable and respected, especially those from marginalised communities who regularly face prejudice in broader society.


A decision making policy for a migrant-led voluntary group with over 100 active members. Includes: principles, outline of consensus process, which decisions can be made by which groups or individuals, what to about decisions where it is unclear who should make them, and a decision record keeping template.