Prioritising policies

Deciding which policies and processes you need first

RadHR Core Team

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of internal policies and processes your group needs to create? Unsure where to start with it all?

This workshop plan aims to support small-to-medium-sized groups to assess the range of internal policies and processes they might want or need, and to pick and choose a sensible order of operations and timeline, to help make it all seem a bit less daunting. It focuses on questions of group values, immediate needs/pressures (internal and external) and consequences (of not having policies or processes in place).


An existing group of up to 20 people, who would like to decide which of their internal policies and processes need to happen, in what order.


Time needed: A day, depending on the numbers of participants and number of proposed policies/processes. (If you’re crunched for time and have a team of 8 or fewer, you might want to try the quick-and-dirty, ‘Policy Prioritisation Bull’s Eye’ tool, which can usually be done in under an hour.)


Prep requirements

  • Facilitator(s) familiar with the workshop plan
  • ‘Motivations’ table on flip chart or digital slides
  • Editable Policy Prioritisation Plan table doc visible on wall/screen
  • Collective agreement on ‘Now / Soon / Later’ criteria for prioritising particular policies or processes (and any amendments included in PPP)
  • Projector or shared slides or pre-prepared flipchart of the discussion template

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