How to create a policy which supports capability rather than judging performance

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How do we avoid replicating corporate doctrines of efficiency and productivity at all costs? This guide explores practical alternatives to individualised performance management processes.

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How to create a collaborative system for keeping track of how work is going

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How can we create systems of accountability without hierarchy? This guide considers options for processes that assess how we are each managing in our roles and take into account wider factors when considering why work may not be being done.

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How to have a legally-compliant ‘disciplinary’ policy that doesn’t shame, blame or punish

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How can progressive employers meet the legal requirements of a disciplinary policy, without embedding punitive values? This guide covers how 'disciplinary' situations can be treated as opportunities for learning and collective improvement.

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How to design a supportive holiday policy that balances individual with collective needs

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We all need breaks from work to rest and recharge, but how do we design a holiday system with flexibility and accountability? This guide covers what you need to know about holiday policies.

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How to create non-punitive grievance procedures which deepen our understanding of each other

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What does it mean to raise a grievance? This guide covers ways to create grievance procedures that hear different perspectives while avoiding shame and blame, so that we can strengthen rather than corrode the bonds between us.

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